"Alright…" She reluctantly agreed, clinging onto the boys arm.The room felt like it was spinning, a simple step forward causing her to stumble slightly. Kururi honestly hated being sick, but then again who didn’t.There was only one plus to is, Aoba was trying to take care of her.

Holding the girl by the waist and letting her arms support on him, Aoba tried his best to take them away from the room - since, after all, the boy wasn’t the strongest to do it completely right. Looking at the sides to see if found anyone around, Aoba turned to her once more. “What if we rest a bit on the infirmary, and then go to your house? At least until you can walk better on your own. I will watch over you.”

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[生かす]:”Benches aren’t exactly the softest things in the world.” They certainly weren’t as soft as his bed back home. The thought made the cyborg sad. But it was nighttime and that wasn’t the issue at hand. The blue kid obviously needed help. “Speaking of benches, that one’s mine. Get off. And maybe go see a doctor or something. But do that when you aren’t on my bench.”

"It’s not like I’m sit in a table full of blades." At least now he could see clearly where he was. Probably collapsed a few minutes ago. "Why would this be your bench? Why don’t you go home or something?”

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[生かす]:It’d been a total lie; the blue kid had been out for ten minutes at most and was on a park bench. His head was probably still bleeding. “Apparently so.”

Aoba’s head was really hurting, and the fact he couldn’t remember how he ended up there was quite worrisome. Well, he could remember about seeing these two big guys… He was alone… Wait. Nevermind. “If I was out for two days, how is my head still bleeding?” Basic question. Who was this guy even.

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"You hit your head and you've been out for two days."


"I— What?" unconsciously, he sat up quickly and held his head at feeling a sharp pain, tongue clicking at it. "How— Two entire days?"

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"No need..achoo…Fine…" Who was she kidding, she could barely keep herself up, and was using Aoba to steady herself.

She’s being a terrible liar… “I can help you, come on. It will be, uh— You helped me before with the annotations, so let me help you this time?” The boy let her use him to stand up, staying still on his place.

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Injury II [Starter Sentences]

  • "Breathe."
  • "Can you hear me?"
  • "Do you remember what happened?"
  • "Does that hurt?"
  • "Focus on my voice."
  • "Hold on to me."
  • "I'll carry you."
  • "I'm not letting you walk, I'm going to carry you."
  • "It's going to be fine."
  • "It's healing quickly, just hold still."
  • "Just focus on me."
  • "Listen to me, you are going to be fine."
  • "Put your arm around me, I'll help you walk."
  • "Relax."
  • "Stay awake."
  • "You hit your head and you've been out for two days."
  • "You're going to okay."
  • "Your head hurts?"
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Durarara!!x2 new key visual. It’s Aoba’s first appearance in anime form!

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::Rivals in Arms::



           — Kida remained firmly on his feet and felt his chest continue to heave. He curled his hands into fists once more as he stared back angrily at the younger. Amber tinted hues filled with sheer resentment and hatred. He was never going to let Aoba off so easily. No. He would put him in his place once and for all. Even if it killed him.

                   — After all, he was the elder. He was the one that the other ever so tiredlessly kept referring to as senpai. Aoba had little right to disrespect his superior in such a manner and Kida had every intention on making him pay. And dearly at that.

        —Aoba..” He breathes out threateningly.

                 — The boy’s tone causes the blond to release a bitter chuckle suddenly as he fisted his hands even tighter now. A nerve seems to have been struck. Just as Kida planned it. He honestly couldn’t care less at the fact that he was able to piss the younger leader off with such a few simple words but in Kida’s mind that just went to show just how stupid and simple minded Aoba actually was. According to the Yellow Scarves leader at least.

                  — Kida growled at him as Aoba slowly got to his feet once more. His breathing both hitched and picked up once more as he panted through his growls. Never had the urge to punch someone been this strong. In fact, he hadn’t even wanted to punch the informant as hard as he wanted to Aoba. Though it went without saying that both parties surely deserved it. And he wasn’t going to go easy on him.

     — The blond gulped once whilst keeping a scowl firmly plastered on his expression. The gulp wasn’t one of fear, however. It was a means of bracing himself for whatever incredulity came next and as far as Kida was concerned, Aoba didn’t stand a chance against him.

                  — Kida’s eyes turned to vicious slits as the younger once again uttered out the tiresome word.

       —Senpai.’ That one word alone was enough to send Kida into a rage. He kept up his growling and his hostility was slowly becoming more and more apparent. He sensed the bitterness laced in Aoba’s tone and to make matters even worse, Kida knew for a fact the damned brat was doing this solely to get a rise out of the leader. He wouldn’t be going down that easily. That much could be said for certain.

                  — He noted the grin the younger had been exposing to him, which in turn caused Kida to tense up ever so slightly. And he braced himself yet again should Aoba try anything. His anger bubbled as the desire to hit the raven hair again increased that much more.

       — There was fire in the leader’s honey tinted hues as he dared to meet the other’s gaze properly. He stares at him in challenge this time around and Kida’s panting only becomes that much more forceful. Raising a brow back at the items, Kida opened his mouth briefly to say something but it was too late and his irises barely had time to widen at the action.

                    — Kida reared himself backwards, covering his eyes on the sleeves of his sweatshirt as he did so. The sensation was painful and overwhelming. The liquid burned his eyes and his vision started to blur. His only thoughts were on Aoba and how much he longed to end him. But clearly he had missed his chance and soon enough, his vision doubles leaving him unable to stand and before he knew what had hit him, he eventually blacks out.


      All the scorns and huffs were well accepted during the process. Aoba wasn’t exactly the kind who did it back, yet it wasn’t that he liked to be hated - only when it was implied on his plans. It was clear that if he didn’t do anything about that, wouldn’t go out of that abandoned place with only a bruised face. Kida could so much worse; he was taller, stronger, better than him in many ways.

      So of course he would play dirty. This fight wasn’t for anything like a public or money, only their morals were at play, their morals and respect, and leaving there meant much more than simple bruises. It wasn’t just a kid’s fight. The leader of the Yellow Scarves should know well after what happened to his girlfriend.

           It was one of the reasons the young made that act.

      This wasn’t the first time Aoba used fire. Neither the second or the third. But it always felt too satisfying, as if blue hues never saw the heated glow before. Something inside him burned hotter than the figure in front of him, deep down the veins pulsing with excitement.

      He took a step forward, when the fire finally was starting to extinguish. Some flames still danced around the blond.

          “What, you’re already over?”

      The question was made to the fainted boy, even if it wouldn’t receive an answer so soon - or if it was too obvious. The younger’s eyes traveled through the sore body, completely dominated by boredom, arrogantly stepping once more to approach the other. It was as if he would observe an animal, an insect, and it didn’t seem to move him one bit.

      But soon those eyes were filled by the same sensation gulping his whole body.

         Because it always felt like the first time.

      Lips curled once again, half of his face covered by the shadows formed from the ceiling, making only possible to see the glimpse from an eye, the echo of steps coming closer and closer to the alarming dangerous of being completely vulnerable before Aoba. He tried to hold his lips from a laughter, yet voice raised at each step, filling the silence formed from before.

         How good was being able to swim like that.

      “Hey, are you really done? I’m disappointed. I wanted to hear more from you, senpai. Did that hurt too much? How do you feel for not being able to do a thing now? It must be a pathetic being on this situation, I think.”

      He opened his arms, still laughing, until a hand reached the scarf on his neck, undoing the knot that bound him. Stepped to the side of the only flame lit and lowered down slowly, letting the yellow cloth dim with burnt. The warmth didn’t hurt the tip of his fingers, so the boy waited for the flames to pouch it all, stare directed to both owner and vest.

      He was drowning. Drowning in that sharp happiness that overwhelmed him, that swallowed him whole until only shaken breathes remained from everything. It felt great, wonderful, and at the same time… It was only that.

          The young man wanted more.

      Kicking the other’s stomach with the previous peevish expression, he awaited for some kind of reply before leaving.

                “I just made a great symbolic show right now and you didn’t even see it. I’m disappointed.”

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